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Well, this is why I guarantee that everyone can be a copywriter from our best online copywriting course:
Our best Copywriting Course can help step up your sales, triple your market penetration and your profit margins. Good copywriting skills from a high-quality best copywriting course can sell anything in this world that has the potential to add value to people’s lives. let’s see how our best online copywriting course works and help you reach your maximum potential.
What you will learn from this online Copywriting course?
  • Learn To Sell More Products And Services
  • Learn To Correctly Structure And Write A Compelling Sales Copy
  • Learn To Write Powerful Call To Action
  • Learn To Use Triggers, Power Words, Persuasion, Emotion, And Clarity To Generate More Leads
  • Learn To Get More Clients And Go From A 0 $ Guy To A 1000 $ Guy!
  • And Many More …
Something u can lean on.
I’m always available to answer your queries, or to explain things further, usually within 24 hours; I love to help. It’s a LIVING course that’s yours for life.
How this online copywriting Course is unique?

There are lots of great online copywriting courses. But they never get much further than sales copy. They bang on about the consumer when there’s a whole, profitable B2B marketplace out there.

In this online copywriting course, I focus on a whole range of business copywriting. A full fledged best copywriting course taking you from baby steps to being a professional.

We’ll look in detail at how to target customers’ thought, how to find customers’ problem and give them a solution in form of your product, and how to become a Voice in Your Industry – where people will crave for your quality work. And I’ll introduce you to the most powerful sales copies increasing secrets of all time compiled with real-life examples, so you start as a copywriter from this best online copywriting course.

Who’ll advantage from this online copywriting course?

Who will advantage? Well, entrepreneurs and start-ups. Small business owners, of course. And so will any person trying to increase his sales. Anyone responsible for his company’s marketing and finally, anyone who’s taken my online copywriting course. This best copywriting course will multiply your thinking and copywriting skills.

My online copywriting course will ensure that your thinking steps up like a copywriter.

Who this online copywriting course is for:
  • New copywriters trying to enhance their skills to convert their selves into a professional
  • Young lads who don’t know anything about copywriting
  • Entrepreneurs and start-ups trying to increase their sales exponentially
  • Any brand trying to introduce a new product in the market
  • Graphic designers trying to publish better posters
  • Anyone trying to establish a place in market
  • A Beginner marketing guy who wants to think like a Pro.

Enroll in this best online copywriting course to exponentially improve your copywriting skill.

We have a 30-day 100% money back guarantee, so if you aren't happy with your purchase, we will refund your course - no questions asked! – though this will never be needed… but yeah ?

We can't wait to see you in this best copywriting course!

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Copywriting Course Curriculum:

Introduction: What is Copywriting?

What is copywriting?(2:23)

Let's See...

Copywriting Basics

Why should you learn copywriting?(1:32)

Copywriting Basics: Science behind the usage of words(3:29)

Copywriting Basics: Three Magical Wands(4:14)

Copywriting Basics: Assignment for PowerWords(1:32)

Copywriting: Submit your Assignment 1

Copywriting Basics: With and Without PowerWords(4:05)

Copywriting: Submit Your Assignment 2

Convert Features Into Benefits

Copywriting Basics: Converting Features into Benefits(4:16)

What Are Headlines And How To Write Headlines?

Copywriting Basics: What are headlines?(3:15)

Copywriting Basics: How to write Headlines?(3:42)

What Are Clickbait Headlines And How To Write Clickbait Headlines?

Copywriting Basics: What are Clickbait Headlines?(4:41)

Copywriting Basics: How to write Clickbait Headlines?(6:37)

What Are Taglines and How To Write Taglines?

Copywriting Basics: What Are Taglines?(3:40)

Copywriting Basics: How To Write Taglines?(5:00)

How To Write Product Description? + More

Copywriting Basics: How To Write Product Descriptions?(5:44)

Copywriting Basics: Threshold To Check Customer Response(8:04)

Copywriting Basics: How Do Search Engines Work?(3:33)

Copywriting: Submit your Assignment 3

Copywriting Triggers

Copywriting Triggers: Feeling Of Involvement And Honesty(7:31)

Copywriting Triggers: Integrity And Credibility(7:58)

Copywriting Triggers: Value And Proof Of Value(4:10)

Copywriting Triggers: Justify the Purchase(5:26)

Copywriting Triggers: Greed(6:27)

Copywriting Triggers: Nature of Product(6:11)

Copywriting Triggers: Current FADs(4:55)

Copywriting Triggers: Establishing Authority(5:57)

Copywriting Triggers: Timing(6:05)

Copywriting Triggers: Desire To Belong(6:08)

Copywriting Triggers: Desire To Collect(6:01)

Copywriting Triggers: Curiosity(4:57)

Copywriting Triggers: Sense of Urgency(6:35)

Copywriting Triggers: Instant Gratification(4:16)

Copywriting Triggers: Exclusivity, Rarity or Uniqueness(5:37)

Copywriting Triggers: Human Relations(4:46)

Copywriting Triggers: Exclusivity, Rarity or Uniqueness(5:37)

Copywriting Triggers: Specificity(5:16)

Copywriting Triggers: Simplicity(5:00)

Copywriting Triggers: Guilt(4:54)

E-book For This Section

How To Get Copywriting Clients? Check These Out!

Get Copywriting Clients: Welcome Lesson(3:53)

Get Copywriting Clients: Ways To Get Clients(15:36)

Get Copywriting Clients: Getting First Order(10:09)

Get Copywriting Clients: Get Jobs via Newspaper(7:21)

Get Copywriting Clients: Only Reasons To Work For Free(6:11)

Get Copywriting Clients: How To Make Right Portfolio(10:12)

Get Copywriting Clients: How To Practice Copywriting For Yourself(10:29)

Get Copywriting Clients: Ways To Making Money(5:41)

Get Copywriting Clients: An Issue(7:19)

Get Copywriting Clients: How To Cash Copywriting?(3:46)

Get Copywriting Clients: Experienced Copywriter(3:01)

Get Copywriting Clients: How To Gain Experience?(3:02)

E-Book For This Section

Bonus Lessons!

Copywriting: Submit your Assignment 4

Copywriting: Six Additional Free Tools(10:37)

Copywriting: Key Files(6:14)

Copywriting: B to B and B to C Explained(6:23)

Copywriting: White Paper(8:33)

Copywriting: Last Lesson!(1:35)

$ 12
  • Copywriting From Beginner To Advanced To Earn Six Figure Income

Student Reviews

- Igor Belczewski
- Igor Belczewski
Read More
"It is my first time to take course online and in copywriting and it is very excellent experience and I am so impressed. This online copywriting course and instructor are very excellent. Thank you very much."
- Victor Onyeukwu
- Victor Onyeukwu
Read More
"This is the best online copywriting course. It is simply amazing and so informative. I thought I knew everything about advertising until now. My mind is blown away and I'm so proud and inspired by the content of this training. I recommend it to every shop/business owner/advertiser whether offline or online. Thank you Magine Solutions for creating this online copywriting course."
- Deepak Raj
- Deepak Raj
Read More
"This online copywriting course was one of few courses in copywriting which I took. I must say nothing was more comprehensive and exhaustive like this. Ahmed goes into each and every concept and talks about them in detail. At times it was overbearing but if you are able to complete it - you would have got valuable insights into the dynamics of Copywriting. I use this material as a reference. I am glad that I took this course! Thank you guys!"
$ 12
  • Copywriting From Beginner To Advanced To Earn Six Figure Income

Your Instructor

This Course taught by Ahmed Ali. He is a professional Copywriter with more than 8+ years of experience. He had worked with multiple different Fortune 500 companies for their copywriting needs!

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