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Complete Course Description

This online PowerPoint course will teach you how to use PowerPoint the right way. Let’s learn every tool and every function inside PowerPoint and make presentations that impress! So, let’s do this!

This PowerPoint course is designed to teach you all the tricks and tips you need to pull up your game in making awesome presentations.

Master Every Tool in PowerPoint to Create Extraordinary Presentations!

While there are plenty of PowerPoint courses that focus on specific styles or how to use tools, it’s hard to find a comprehensive course like this one, which is for beginner to advanced users and discusses every tool.

This course is designed for all levels of users who want to improve their skills, make impressive presentations and turn their Business proposals into a reality – especially great for college students and business professionals.

This Course is divided into 4 major sections:

1. All you need to know – Every tool demystified
2. The Basics
3. Universal Design Essentials
4. Business Presentation Templates

Your instructor, Faizan MD, is a Microsoft Certified Educator!

With over 12 Years of teaching and training experience, he is here to help you learn! This 11hrs+ course sums his 12 years of learning. Imagine the value every hour holds for you. So, don’t wait and get started right away!

We have a 30-day 100% money back guarantee, so if you aren’t happy with your purchase, we will refund your course – no questions asked! – though this will never be needed… but yea ?
We can’t wait to see you in the course!
Enroll now, and Let’s see you on the Inside!
Faizan MD, from MagineSolutions.

Course Curriculum

Section 1: PowerPoint: Home Tab

PowerPoint: Home Tab | The Clipboard (5:45)

PowerPoint: Home Tab | Slides(5:07)

PowerPoint: Home Tab | Fonts(6:12)

PowerPoint: Home Tab | Paragraphs Part 2(4:21)

PowerPoint: Home Tab | Drawing Part 1(6:32)

PowerPoint: Home Tab | Editing(6:32)

Section 2: PowerPoint: Insert Tab

PowerPoint: Insert Tab | Tables 1(5:48)

PowerPoint: Insert Tab | Table 2 Style Options(4:49)

PowerPoint: Insert Tab | Table 3 Style(6:28)

PowerPoint: Insert Tab | Tables 4 Draw Tables(6:47)

PowerPoint: Insert Tab | Table Cell Size(3:43)

PowerPoint: Insert Tab | Layout Alignment(8:00)

PowerPoint: Insert Tab | Table Size(5:32)

PowerPoint: Insert Tab | Picture Remove Background(6:02)

PowerPoint: Insert Tab | Remove Background Advanced(8:31)

PowerPoint: Insert Tab | Colors and Corrections(7:22)

PowerPoint: Insert Tab | Adjust Color Advanced(8:28)

PowerPoint: Insert Tab | Screen Shot(5:37)

PowerPoint: Insert Tab | Photo Album(5:54)

PowerPoint: Insert Tab | Smart Art Part 1(8:00)

PowerPoint: Insert Tab | Charts(6:52)

PowerPoint: Insert Tab | Chart Styles(8:03)

PowerPoint: Insert Tab | Chart Tables(6:57)

PowerPoint: Insert Tab | Chart Tool Format Section(9:12)

PowerPoint: Insert Tab | Power Tool(5:42)

PowerPoint: Insert Tab | Comments(3:08)

PowerPoint: Insert Tab | Text Box(1:48)

PowerPoint: Insert Tab | Header-Footer-Slide Number-Date -Time(4:16)

PowerPoint: Insert Tab | Pen Tool(3:58)

Section 3: PowerPoint: Design Tab

PowerPoint: Design Tab(9:36)

Section 4: PowerPoint: Transitions Tab

PowerPoint: Transitions Tab(9:59)

Section 5: PowerPoint: Animations Tab ​

PowerPoint: Animations Tab | Entrance(8:51)

PowerPoint: Animations Tab | Emphasis(10:23)

PowerPoint: Animations Tab | Exit(10:47)

Section 6: PowerPoint: Slideshow Tab

PowerPoint: Slideshow Tab(6:52)

PowerPoint: Slideshow Tab | Setup(13:58)

Section 7: PowerPoint: Review Tab

PowerPoint: Review Tab(4:32)

PowerPoint: Review Tab | Accessibility and Insights(4:20)

PowerPoint: Review Tab | Languages(8:35)

PowerPoint: Review Tab | Compare(7:09)

Section 8: PowerPoint: View Tab

PowerPoint: View Tab | Normal and Outline View(4:33)

PowerPoint: View Tab | Slide Sorter(3:09)

PowerPoint: View Tab | Notes and Reading View(3:26)

Section 9: PowerPoint: Essential Tools

PowerPoint: Creating a New Document(1:56)

PowerPoint: Quick Access Toolbar (QAT)(3:10)

PowerPoint: File Tab(4:18)

PowerPoint: Tabs and Ribbons(2:31)

PowerPoint: Slide Tab(2:58)

PowerPoint: Status Bar(4:30)

PowerPoint: Aspect Ratio(3:45)

PowerPoint: Modifiers(5:38)

PowerPoint: Copycat (Format painter)(3:30)

PowerPoint: Editing Vertices(6:21)

PowerPoint: Color Schemes(2:22)

PowerPoint: Fonts and Font Pairing(4:32)

PowerPoint: Show Less Mean More(3:50)

PowerPoint: Never Forget Again(4:45)

PowerPoint: Bonus Lecture!!(12:39)

Section 10: Universal Design Essentials (Part 1)

PowerPoint: Create | Design | Animation(3:16)

PowerPoint: Title Slide | Creation and Design(6:28)

PowerPoint: Title Slide | Animation(4:59)

PowerPoint: Title Colors(4:17)

PowerPoint: Shape and Color Alignment(6:40)

PowerPoint: PNG vs Vectors(2:19)

PowerPoint: Company Intro - Creation and Design(9:44)

PowerPoint: Company Intro Animation(9:27)

PowerPoint: Company Intro Animation Continued...(6:24)

Section 11: Universal Design Essentials (Part 2)

PowerPoint: Portfolio(9:37)

PowerPoint: Stages (Design and Animations)(9:16)

PowerPoint: Timeline(5:37)

PowerPoint: Timeline Animation(4:38)

PowerPoint: Timeline Vertical(6:34)

PowerPoint: Timeline Vertical Animation(6:59)

PowerPoint: Timeline Vertical Animation(6:59)

PowerPoint: Coffee Break Audio(5:21)

$ 12
  • PowerPoint From Beginner To Advanced

Some Reviews From Our Students

- Ryan Walsh
- Ryan Walsh
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"Very informative, detailed and well explained. Great job! I learned a lot! Looking fprward for more tutorials from you Sir! Thank you very much! God bless and stay safe."
- Willem Jan
- Willem Jan
Read More
"Thanks a lot. I am very satisfied with this course. it was amazing. I have learned everything and it has helped me a lot. I would like to watch it again and again. You are simply a great teacher. I also think your voice is comfortable, I can hear it all day long and that's very important."
- D Rheault
- D Rheault
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"I thoroughly enjoyed this course - I would consider myself pretty well versed in PPT, but I really did learn a lot of little tips and tricks that I had not known. I have to say - I, myself, am somewhat of a goofball and I absolutely loved that the teacher got a little nutty at the end with the funky music, etc. He had me laughing pretty darn hard by the end. Honestly, 8 hours of PPT - even if you love it - will do that to you. A great course, much more than I expected honestly. I didn't realize how many features in PPT that I wasn't using. Will look into other courses by this teacher."
$ 12
  • PowerPoint From Beginner To Advanced

Your Instructor

This Course taught by Faizan Muhammad. With over 12 Years of teaching and training experience, he is here to help you learn! This 12 hrs+ course sums his 12 years of learning. Imagine the value every hour holds for you. So, don’t wait and get started right away!

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