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In Section 1 we have introduction where we will look at Agenda of course.

Next In section 2 we have graphical Analysis where we will look at different types of data types, different types of graphs with both theoretical concepts and how to plot those graphs using a hypothetical data sets.

Next in In Section 3 we will look at descriptive statistics. In this section we will look at what is mean, median, range, variance and standard deviation with formulas, once theoretical concepts are understood then we will look at how to calculate descriptive statistics in Minitab.

Next in section 4, we will look at inferential statistics. In this section we will look at concepts like inferential statistics, what is meant by random sampling, sampling distribution, central limit theorem and t-distribution introduction concepts.

Next in section 5, we will look at hypothesis testing, in this section we will look at concepts like confidence intervals, hypothesis testing, null hypothesis, alternate hypothesis, type I and type II errors and we will look at hypothesis tests like, 1 sample t-test, 2 sample t-test, 2 variance test, paired t test, 1 proportion test, 2 proportion test, chi-square test etc.

Next in section 6, we will look at statistical process control charts. In this section we will look at horizontal lines in control charts like mean, upper control limit, lower control limit, and we will look at the pre-requisites for a process to be a stable process.

In Section 7 we have introduction where we will look at Agenda of course.

Next In section 8 and section 9 we have Process Capability where we will look at process capability indices like cp, cpk, pp, ppk, sigma level and parts per million for both normal data and non-normal data both theory and case studies using minitab.

Next in In Section 10 one way and two way ANOVA concepts using hypothesis tests using F and P values both theory and case studies using Minitab.

Similarly in section 11 we will talk about correlation and regression concepts with theory and examples using Minitab.

In section 12 we will discuss about measurement system analysis and how gage r and r studies are conducted in Minitab using theory and examples.

Finally in section 13 we will talk about design of experiments including blocking and ceterpoints concepts using Minitab and examples.

Copywriting Course Curriculum:

Introduction: Course Agenda

Course Agenda? (3:03)

Graphical Analysis

Data Definition and Types of Data (10:37)

Quiz (1 Question)

Bar Chart Theory (01:58)

Bar Chart Minitab (02:24)

Quiz (1 Question)

Pareto Chart Theory (02:10)

Pareto Chart Minitab (01:00)

Pie Chart Theory (01:58)

Pie Chart Minitab (02:22)

Histogram Theory (04:10)

Histogram Minitab (01:46)

Dot Plot Theory (02:28)

Dot Plot Minitab (01:40)

Individual Value Plot Theory (01:56)

Individual Value Plot Minitab (02:12)

Box Plot Theory (02:42)

Box Plot Minitab (02:10)

Time Series Plot Theory (03:03)

Time Series Plot Minitab (01:59)


Descriptive Statistics

Mean and Median (05:04)

Range, Variance and Standard Deviation (04:56)

Descriptive Statistics in Minitab (01:27)


Inferential Statistics

Inferential Statistics Introduction (05:20)

Random Sampling (03:00)

Random Sampling Minitab (01:19)

Sampling Distribution (03:25)

Central Limit Theorem (03:56)

Normal Distribution and Facts (04:46)

Normal Distribution Probability in Minitab (01:53)


Hypothesis Testing

Confidence Intervals (03:54)

Hypothesis Testing (04:17)

1-sample t-test (04:34)

1-sample t-test Minitab (01:55)

Type I and Type II Errors (03:22)

2 Sample t-test (04:34)

2 Sample t-test Minitab (02:13)

2 Variance test (04:55)

2 Variance test Minitab (02:12)

Paired t-test (05:33)

1 Proportion test (04:46)

1-Proportion test Minitab (01:38)

2-Proportion test (01:46)

2-Proportion test Minitab (01:46)

Chi-Square Test (05:59)

Chi-Square Test Minitab (01:31)


Statistical Process Control: Control Charts

Statistical Process Control Introduction (09:09)

R S and X Bar Chart (10:00)

R S and X Bar Chart Minitab (03:14)

I and MR Charts (06:48)

I and MR Charts Minitab (01:03)

P and NP Charts (05:28)

P and NP Charts Minitab (01:56)

C and U Charts (06:53)

C and U Charts Minitab (01:28)


Process Capability For Normal Data

Process Capability Introduction (06:02)

Process Capability Indices: Cp and Cpk (05:13)

Process Performance Indices: Pp and Ppk (03:38)

Cp Cpk Pp Ppk in Minitab (01:01)

Process Capability Index: Sigma Level (01:10)

Sigma Level in Minitab (01:10)


Process Capability For Non-Normal Data

Non-Normal Data Introduction (05:13)

Box-Cox Transformation (06:06)

Box-Cox Minitab (01:42)

Johnson Transformation (03:37)

Johnson Transformation Minitab (01:39)

Alternative Distributions (03:19)

Alternate Distributions Minitab (01:26)


One Way ANOVA and Two way ANOVA

One Way ANOVA (13:37)

One way ANOVA Minitab (02:00)

Two Way ANOVA (11:55)

Two Way ANOVA Minitab (01:58)


Correlation and Regression

Correlation (06:41)

Correlation Minitab (01:27)

Regression (11:29)

Regression Minitab (01:39)


Mesurement System Analysis

Measurement System Analysis Introduction (09:50)

Accuracy and Precision Errors (06:05)

Accuracy: Bias, Linearity and Stability 04:34

Precision: Repeatability and Reproducibility (03:30)

Gage R and R Graphical Analysis (13:31)

Percentage Study Variation and Percentage Tolerance (08:56)

Gage R and R Minitab (02:02)

Attribute Agreement Analysis (12:21)

Attribute Agreement Analysis Minitab (02:00)


Design of Experiments

Design of Experiments (10:39)

Design of Experiments Minitab (04:18)

Blocking and Center Points in DOE (11:17)

Blocking and Center Points in DOE in Minitab (02:25)


Student Reviews

- Shanmugasundaram Bhaskaran
- Shanmugasundaram Bhaskaran
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"This course really good its very useful for my career growth, instructor is good. he is teaching very fast manner. If he teach little slow really helps to other for better understanding."
- Arif Hussain
- Arif Hussain
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"It was a good the material was excellent also the course teacher teach in proper way and nice manner and easy to understand ."
- Aishwarya Sureshkumar
- Aishwarya Sureshkumar
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"Informative and explained very well for quick understanding. Very educative course on Minitab and general statistics "
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