Methods of monetizing a videocontent

In this tutorial, I’ll show you how you can make money on video. If you are a blogger who often make videos, you definitely have a million options to work with. Let’s start with the biggest and most difficult monetization option, YouTube. Why I call this method the most difficult, because this market is the largest.

According to the company, in 2019, its revenue from advertising on YouTube exceeded $ 15 billion, an increase over the previous year by more than a third.

As reported by Alphabet for the fourth quarter of 2019. YouTube brought in $ 4.72 billion for the quarter and $ 15.15 billion for the year – 36% more than a year earlier. This is the first YouTube revenue disclosure in nearly 14 years since 2006, when Google bought the YouTube video service for $ 1.65 billion.

As you can see, the main site that brings bloggers of all types good money is YouTube. Therefore, I will tell you about this type of earnings separately. YouTube advertising is a way to draw attention to video content and track its performance with easy-to-use analytics tools. But setting up and managing YouTube campaigns is different from running contextual or targeted ads.

How much does YouTube pay for views in 2021?

Earnings can range from $ 20 to $ 50 for every thousand views they receive on your channel. So, if, for example, their video on the channel reaches a million views, you can get from 20,000 to 50,000 dollars.

Okay, you know how much YouTube pays. Now you have the next step.

To receive money from YouTube, you need:

  1. Become a YouTube partner or MCN member.
  2. Accept offers from advertisers.
  3. Promote products from your offline or online business.
  4. Use a freemium model for info-business.
  5. Develop your own affiliate marketing

You can find similar information on Google. Now let’s complicate the information. Let’s say you are a blogger who has 100K subscribers. Have you presented? You receive monthly income from the official YouTube affiliate program, your subscribers grow, you shoot videos steadily and suddenly – you open your email!

Rather, you will be surprised by the number of companies and media personalities that offer you barter, advertising, help, ask for support from you, and most likely – offers from advertising agencies.

Most likely, if there are too many offers, you will need to hire a manager. Firstly, the manager will be able to form a grid of prices and offers for you, and secondly, cooperation with other people always increases your chances of success.

So what can you offer potential advertisers?


Advertise the client at the start of a new video.

Advertising your brand, channel, page, group, product and everything else,

is placed at the very beginning (inside, or at the end) of a new video!

+ Your link is in the description. advertising can be 20-30 seconds.

(The client will need to prepare his own advertising video, as well as the text for voice acting)

The ad is guaranteed to be seen by all viewers of the video.

Ads are placed in the video forever!

A) Pre-roll at the beginning of the vlog

B) Inside the vlog

C) At the end of the vlog


A) Recommendation of channels / services / products with the personal participation of the blogger

B) Hidden advertising for 1-2 minutes in the vlog)

C) Recommendations for cases / forex / options / casinos / earning services


The most effective way to advertise!

The client and the blogger discuss the details, script for the advertising video,

a blogger shoots a video for several days and uploads it to his channel!

All accompanying annotations and links in the description are added to this video.


Client sends video / vlog / advertisement (up to 15 minutes) to blogger

and he uploads it in its entirety to his YouTube channel.

Any links in the description are attached to the video.


Channel promotion from scratch on a turnkey basis. Script development, individual selection of ideas, PR, participation in blogger’s vlogs. Transfer of experience, valuable advice, unique information on promotion and earnings on the Internet from a blogger.

These are the five main methods of making money on YouTube in addition to official monetization.

Now let’s imagine that you yourself do not mind advertising your blog on YouTube. Let’s say you’ve decided to expand your audience. In this case, you have three solutions:

The first is to independently contact more famous bloggers and buy advertising from them at a bargain price. The second is to film a lot of barter collaborations with other bloggers. And the third classic option is to buy ads in Google ADS. Let’s start with the latter – what is Google ADS advertising?.

You’ve probably seen a lot of ads at the beginning of a YouTube video? It is this type of advertising that you can buy through the official ADS cabinet.

YouTube ad formats and types

  • In-Stream is a video ad that appears in YouTube videos and on the Google Display Network (sites and apps). 5 seconds after the start of the commercial, the user will see the “Skip” button. You only pay if the user has viewed 30 seconds of your ad.
  • The Discovery format is a snippet of your video with accompanying text. Your ad may appear in YouTube search results, in the Related Videos list, on the YouTube homepage, as an overlay on your video watch page, and on partner sites and apps that are part of the Google Display Network. When a user clicks on an ad, they are taken to your video or YouTube channel. You pay only if the user starts watching the ad.
  • The splash screen format is a short, 6-second video ad that cannot be missed. Ads are shown only on mobile devices, pay per thousand views.

We recommend creating separate campaigns for each type of targeting. And already in each such campaign, create a separate group for In-Stream and Discovery ads. This will allow for more flexibility in the entire advertising campaign. You can limit the daily budget for each of them, reallocate budgets from campaigns that perform poorly, campaigns that work well, but run into budget. And also make performance cuts for each type of targeting

As a result, you should have 6 campaigns created with each targeting type and In-Stream and Discovery ad groups in each:

  • Interests coverage
  • Interests of the audience of interested users
  • By keywords
  • By location
  • By topics of video clips
  • Remarketing

The whole range of targeting will allow you to reach your target audience as much as possible. While different types of targeting work with different effectiveness, none of them should be ignored when creating ad campaigns.

It’s important to understand how many people have reached your ad campaigns. Reach for each campaign can be viewed by adding the column “unique cookies”. But it should be borne in mind that when summing up the reach of each campaign, you will receive not entirely reliable data due to the overlap of audiences. That is, one person fell under one targeting in one campaign, and the next day they were targeted for another company.

Often, advertisers are skeptical about video ads, arguing that they do not bring direct conversions. Yes, the effect of this tool can only be observed after a long time. The video advertising mechanism itself is more aimed at increasing brand awareness than at selling.

Why will even investments bring you income? It’s simple. After the advertising campaign, your audience will start to grow.

It’s no secret that YouTube has the most accurate advertising algorithm on the Internet. There is no social network where the ad algorithm works better than YouTube. Many experts argue that Facebook has such an imperfect advertising account that, for example, spending on Facebook ads is completely ineffective on holidays.

Despite this, the company has no other choice. They continue to massively purchase advertising on social networks. From April to June 2019, advertisers spent 37% more on social media promotion than in the same period last year. Total ad impressions increased by 24%. This is stated in a study by digital marketing tools company Kenshoo. The analysis was conducted among her clients in 150 countries.

According to the company’s experts, Instagram Stories have become one of the drivers of cost growth in social networks, and the platform’s main news feed is losing popularity among advertisers. Stories ad spend doubled YoY, from 9% to 18%. And the growth in costs for posting in the Instagram feed has slowed to 21% – less than the dynamics of spending in Facebook news.

Instagram remains an important strategic component for Facebook in terms of growing ad revenue. Kenshoo recalled that Instagram regularly brings new features to users that can be used when launching campaigns. In particular, this applies to brands from the travel, fashion, entertainment and beauty industries, as they require great visual effects in advertising.

Video ads on social media also showed growth, with advertisers spending 53% more on them in Q2 2019 than last year. Despite the fact that video ad is more expensive than a static post, video ads accounted for 43% of all social media revenue for the quarter.

At the same time, the ratio of the number of clicks to ad impressions continues to fall in general on social networks. In the second quarter, the click-through rate on the sites decreased by 12% year-on-year. As Kenshoo experts explained, this trend cannot be called unequivocally negative for social networks. Given the popularity of video ads and Stories ads, advertisers are focused on branding rather than direct user engagement.

Advertising costs have also increased significantly on e-commerce sites.

In the second quarter, brand spending increased 66% over the same period last year. The number of impressions and clicks grew almost equally: by 59% and 57%, respectively. Kenshoo experts attribute this to the fact that ads on online shopping sites more accurately meet the needs of users. People move to e-commerce sites with the intention of buying a product, so the chances that users will be interested in an advertising offer increase.

Search engines remain the dominant segment of digital advertising. Brands spent 10% more on ads this year.

However, ad impressions and clicks grew faster: 41% and 23%, respectively. Mobile has become a driver of growth in advertisers’ spending on promotion through search engines. It accounted for more than half of the costs of brands in this segment – 51%. According to Kenshoo experts, the desktop will no longer dominate the advertising spend on search engine promotion.

The Kenshoo survey was conducted over 15 months among more than 3,000 agencies. Such a scale only gives a firm understanding that the advertising market will grow rapidly and yet Google should have no competitors. However, do not forget about the rest of the social networks. I note that I have told all of the above information in order for you to properly manage your advertising budgets. We see that Google has the most perfect algorithm, the largest budgets recommend investing in this particular company.

Well, after we figured out the main income on YouTube, I propose to move on to the next type of video monetization. Of course, I’ll talk about Instagram.

The main ways to make money on Instagram:

  • monetizing your account – selling advertising, expert content, goods, affiliate programs, promoting creativity, creating a personal brand with subsequent earnings on your fame;
  • work with other people’s pages – administration, content creation, sale of accounts, promotion;
  • provision of services – photo and graphics to order, audit.

If you are wondering “How to make money on Instagram”, then you have not yet decided on a niche. We will tell you what you can make money on and what nuances each method has. Your task is to choose yours and start acting.

It is worth starting to accept orders for advertising in posts when your Instagram account has at least 5,000 subscribers.

But the advertiser looks not so much at the number of followers as at their quality – the audience should be targeted and maximally involved in the content. Without these two factors, advertisers won’t talk to you.

Important: in order to sell advertising in a story, you need a business account and at least 10,000 subscribers in it – with such indicators, it becomes possible to add links to a story. Advertising can be sold directly (they write to you in Direct or by the contacts you have left) and through exchanges.


  • you need to know your audience well, and for this you often do an analysis of Instagram followers;
  • you need to constantly work on the quality of publications and keep subscribers engaged;
  • there should not be too many ads so as not to annoy users;
  • not every ad can be published – you must understand in advance whether the publication of your audience will come in or not, whether the topic corresponds to the general theme of the profile, whether it complies with ethical standards, and much more. If you neglect this, you can ruin your reputation and lose subscribers;
  • you need to be able to present your ad in such a way that it looks like a natural piece of content;
  • when working directly, you need to be able to negotiate with advertisers, know methods of receiving payment and provide them with reports;
  • work through exchanges is easier (most of the processes are automated), but competition is higher there;
  • check the quality of the audience of bloggers through special services, for example InstaHero.

Instagram has a huge potential for making money, but you don’t need to treat it as an opportunity to make free money without doing anything. As you can see by reading the article, each way of earning has its own nuances. Somewhere you need to invest money, somewhere you need to take courses and gain experience, somewhere you first need to spend time and effort on page promotion. In the process, a dozen more nuances may emerge and you also need to be prepared for this. But you can make money on Instagram, and this is a fact.

Let’s move on to the third type of video content monetization. This is tiktok.

What are the features of monetization on this site:

  • It doesn’t matter how many subscribers you have. The number of video views, likes and comments, as well as the duration of video viewing are important. If a blogger has a million subscribers and a video gets 1,000 views, that’s bad.
  • Audience age. Despite the fact that more and more people over 20 come to TikTok, it is still a social network for teenagers. And, accordingly, the content should be created for them. Such an audience is not very solvent, and so far there are few advertisers on this social network.
  • TikTok trends are changing at a breakneck pace. To stay popular requires generating a lot of content and constantly looking for new video ideas.
  • You cannot put a clickable link to the site in the profile and under the video. This makes it difficult to redirect users to a specific resource. They will have to copy the website address and paste it manually in the browser, because of this, they can lose some of the traffic. But the social network is testing links in the profile, so it may be possible to add them to the profile already in 2020. Now you can redirect traffic from Tik-Tok to Instagram or YouTube, and there you can already put clickable links.
  • TikTok hates cheating. They are calculated very quickly, and you can get a shadow ban on your account for them. Therefore, in order to make money, you will have to focus all your efforts on content. Just investing money in boosting views and making money on this will not work here.

There is no official affiliate program in Tik-Tok, like in YouTube, where you would be paid for views. Previously, there was an unofficial one, when top bloggers received a personal offer from a social network, entered into an agreement with Tik-Tok and they were awarded bonuses for views. The bonuses could then be converted into real money. But since January 2020, Tik-Tok has stopped this program. And now let’s figure out How you can make money in tiktok given the new rules.

Channel efficiency rules

  • The video you create should make you want to share it with the whole world.
  • A content creator for a youtube channel must constantly communicate with his viewers
  • Interactivity – involve as many people as possible in the channel’s life
  • Stick to the theme you choose for the channel
  • Target audience – a benchmark for product creation
  • Regular updates of materials
  • Optimizing videos through titles, tags, descriptions
  • Think over the material in such a way that it is understandable for new subscribers
  • Collaboration with colleagues
  • Don’t stop looking for inspiration

Shooting a video along with a song

Music tracks are well promoted on TikTok. This is used by both beginners and famous singers and musicians. And they are willing to pay to promote their music. If you have a popular account, you can shoot a video for someone else’s song for a fee.

Earnings from advertising

What will need to be done is to shoot an advertisement on the topic of the customer. You may be asked to stick to a specific scenario or come up with something of your own. Bloggers are often tasked with using a specific hashtag, showing a product in a video, saying certain phrases, reviewing, and so on.

Partnership programs

It’s simple – you bring the client’s company, she pays you a percentage of sales. For example, some online store sells cosmetics, and you are a beauty blogger. You can shoot a video on the topic of beauty, do reviews of cosmetics and invite subscribers to go to the website of the online store using your affiliate link. For every customer that comes from you, you get paid a reward.

Official monetization

Official monetization has been closed since January 2020. And the pilot project was available only to bloggers with millionaires. Perhaps Tik-Tok will launch a new affiliate program in the near future. But you can make money on live broadcasts.

Live broadcasts

You can broadcast live if you have more than 1,000 subscribers. There are 2 options for earning money – offering some goods or services during a live broadcast, or making money on coins. In Tik-Tok, you can buy virtual coins for real money, buy stickers for these coins and give them to the blogger live.

Sales of goods

You can sell products using popularity on TikTok. Physical or digital, such as audiobooks, info courses, prints, and so on. If you don’t have your own products, then you can sell someone else’s through an affiliate program or dropshipping.

Promoting yourself as an expert

You may be well versed in a particular topic or even be an expert in it. Why not create a tutorial or book and capitalize on it? If you have something to say to a wide range of people, you can conduct online webinars or live conferences and events, and find listeners in TikTok.

Now you know all the most basic methods for monetizing video content. Of course, there are a great many of them. I have only told you the basic methods. Of course, you can make money on articles or photos, remind you, video This is the most popular way of making money among bloggers.