Selecting a tone of voice of your blog. What kind of tones there are?

How to write lyrics in 2021 so that they really sell? It is believed that copywriting is dead. Almost no one wants to waste time reading texts, and marketing has taken over video content.

This is only part of the truth! Yes, most of the material written out of the way does not carry business value. Therefore, in this article I bring to your attention work directions in copywriting, which will liven up the text and help increase conversion.

Insights as a tool for selling texts

Insight in marketing is the identification of a person’s unconscious motive to make a purchase. That is, a situation close to the consumer, demonstrated in an advertisement for a specific product.

For example, the main message of all Dove brand campaigns is: “Any woman is beautiful, regardless of the type of figure and appearance.” The products are advertised not by top models, but by ordinary women whom we meet on the street every day. Thanks to this approach, the customer will think: “Yes, this cosmetics is for me!”

In copywriting, the use of insights helps fight the client’s objection: “How can a particular product help me?” For each segment of consumers, you need to look for a different motivation why they should buy products. You have to dig deeper than just focus on high quality, cost, and so on.

How to use humor in your articles?

It is possible and even necessary to use humor in selling texts and slogans. But there is a fine line between when a joke is really good and when it develops into a reputation scandal. For example, in the case of the Womanizer and their advertising slogan “Shout your name” came out decently.

Although the opinion of the audience was divided, the tone of comments on the Internet is generally positive.

Let’s take a look at some of the reasons why humor should be used in copywriting:

The virality of the text is increasing.

Good copywriting is always remembered by the audience. Humor helps to make the text livelier and more interesting. If the joke hits the bull’s-eye, then the article or video will be re-posted on social networks, increasing the reach. Positive emotions affect a person’s memory. I saw a good joke – I laughed and remembered. For example, the heroes of the commercial for the beer “Zhatetsky Gus” became a meme. And the word invented by a copywriter allegedly in Czech – “good” – is viral.

Allows you to detach from competitors.

You need to joke in accordance with the nature of the brand, broadcasting its values ​​and position. Among the many companies offering similar products, consumers choose the one that is close to them.

Helps to build communication with the audience.

Humor in copywriting works the same way as in life: a good joke disposes, an inappropriate one causes rejection. For example, millennials don’t take jokes. This conclusion was reached at the Department of General Psychology of St. Petersburg State University. Humor should be simple, literally head-on, but not primitive. Developing a sense of humor is necessary for a copywriter, even if he is not going to joke. This helps to write texts that are easier to read, to reach the same level with the audience, and to speak their language.

Brand tone of voice in copywriting

Why are some texts positively perceived by readers, while others are not? In the first case, the article matched the brand’s voice. Therefore, it is better to always prescribe in the brief a column indicating the tone of voice (ToV) of the brand.

Brand tone will vary from client to client. But there is a set of components that the copywriter will use in all formats of text content:

  • Etymology. In the case of a brand voice, these are words that fit a specific text format. For example, if you are writing an article for a marketing blog, you can use drier and more formal messages and professional terminology. Basically, the key is neutral, and the tone of voice is expert.
  • Syntax. Always talk to your audience in short sentences if you need to emphasize a friendly tone or, conversely, expertise. The information will be easy to understand. Long sentences with many epithets and other “amplifiers” are used when you want to evoke deeper emotions.
  • Sound expressiveness of words. The consonance through repetition of letters and syllables helps create a catchy slogan. Rhymes are also quite appropriate if you need to stick to a fun, friendly tone.

The main copywriting trend in 2021 is storytelling. When direct advertising stopped working, marketers and copywriters began looking for new ways to reach consumers. It is always interesting to read stories, they do not sell products aggressively, but gently push and stimulate the interest of the target audience.

There are 4 types of storytelling:

  1. Monomyth, or the main character’s travel technique. This is the most popular version of the story. The development of the plot takes place in stages: from the beginning to the culmination.
  2. Sparklines. The technique is built on emotions and even fears. The story of what could have been if specific events had not happened.
  3. False start. At first, the plot unfolds slowly, then an unexpected event occurs that completely changes the hero’s life.
  4. Merging ideas. This technique is mainly used to write the history of brand creation: how the idea was born, what actions the heroes took to implement it, what happened to them, and so on.

How to use psychotypes in selling texts?

The synergy of psychology and copywriting can lead to a significant increase in sales, if the theory of psychotypes is used correctly when writing sales texts. If earlier advertising articles were written “for all” consumers, now it is important to segment the audience and take into account different models of behavior of potential customers.

In copywriting, the DISC psychotype model is used.

In total, there are 4 types of personalities:

D is dominant. This is a person who does not like to waste time, considers himself an expert in many areas and prefers exclusive offers. Articles for this psychotype should be written succinct, short using words such as: effective, competition, no analogues, 100% result.

I is an influencer, or influential. A person likes to be in the spotlight, an extrovert. Prefers ads where the benefits are clearly visible. It is recommended to use the following words in the text: helps to reveal potential, trend, innovation, discounts, prospects.

C – constant. This introvert, people-oriented, prefers to take care of those around him. When choosing a product, it is guided by the opinion of others. The article needs to provide statistics on how the product works and what benefits it brings. Use only native ads. Texts where there is a comparison of several products are well received. The words should be used in the text: guarantees, reviews, benefits, research confirmed.

A is appropriate. He is an introvert, focused on personal preference. He strictly guards personal space and, before making a purchase, meticulously examines all the pros and cons. In the texts, you need to tell in detail about the benefits, not to rush to a decision, to work out all the objections. To enhance the effect, it is recommended to use the words: no risk, quality, guarantee, trial period.

Learn our Good copywriting course, which is about understanding a person’s needs and emotions. The consumer does not want to read dry texts selling head-on. In 2021, there is a demand for live articles based on insights, touching the feelings, and conveying the values of the brand and the product itself.

The copywriter becomes both a psychologist and an author at the same time. You need to work on developing a creative component and a sense of humor, analyzing trends in social media and adjusting content to them.